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Inside the Heart & Mind of a Libra Mom

Beware It Can Be Scary at Times

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Momma P
6 October
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I am a female in my mid 40's who live in Minnesota. I am the mom of two boys who both were born to early. My oldest was born at 34 weeks and 1 day in August of 2011. My youngest was born at 26 week snad 3 days in August of 2012. Yes they are not even a year apart...so needless to say it makes life hectic.

I work in a law firm and have more degrees then I care to count.

AS in Paralegal Studies
AA in General Studties
BA in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice
MA in Education, 5-12 Social Studies (but I do not have my teaching license though due to the kiddos)

Sadly I don't actually use any of those degress in my job.

I am married to a lovely man who is looking for a police department to call home so while he searches for a job, he stays home with the children.

I have crazy amounts of interests: photography, reading, going to science fiction conventions (I used to help run them but that just doesn't really fit right now in with life), reading, watching movies, watching TV, spending time with friends and most of all time with family.

My LJ time is hit or miss due to life but as of Aug 2019, I am trying to find my way back here.

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